What is The Mad Brothers?


While something of an ensemble cast, the main focus is on the title brothers, Harvey and Crazy. The two of them have little concern for standards of society that either appear to interfere with life or just plain make no sense.

The concept behind TMB can be hard to describe as it's so simple. It's just taking as many insane characters as possible, setting them all in suburban LA and watching what kind of chaos can ensue. Of coarse, that's what I wanted. Such a vague concept is more open to truly bizarre stories, jokes and even characters. I didn't want any gimmick that might tie down the way things progress. The way things are leaves the comic free to just about any subject I could ever think of without breaking the overall theme.

That's about as best as I can explain things. It's a little irreverent, a little satirical, a little experimental and (hopefully) a lot funny. You'll just have to read it yourself and make your own summation, I guess.

Origin of…

The Characters


Crazy was one of my earlier "scribble" characters. He was drawn out to be something of a Tex Avery style screwy character. He spoke English at the time. Some time later made some drawings that depicted him as a videogame mascot. It was then that his brother Harvey was added as a sidekick. That's right, Harvey was the sidekick. He was just a jerk with an attitude. Luckily, these two have fleshed out much over the years.

Harvey became more moody and deadpan once the comic started. He is no longer much of a jerk. more just despondent with the world. As I was taking classes in psychology and anthropology, I thought it would make sense for Harvey to take interests in such things. This has made him a more know it all type of wise guy.

Crazy is still as oddball as ever, but has become more of a loyal and honest friend and brother instead of just a nut running around for no reason. His skills in the martial arts came as a parody of such webcomic clichés. The agility that comes with it enhances his antics.


The Comic


While nearly all the characters featured already existed in one form or another, the comic started from a school project. The final from a web design class in college was to make an entire website on whatever subject I wanted. A webcomic was idea that appealed the most to me. I took some of the characters I had in my arsenal, put them into a general Los Angeles setting, made a few random subject comics and got an A in the class. After the class was finished, I didn't want to just stop working on the site. That is when Comic Genesis comes into the picture. Now I have what I see before you.

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