Name: "Varhey Mad" (real name unkown)
Age: N/A
Height: 2' 10"
- Tormenting Harvey
- Wine collecting
- Tormenting Harvey
Pet Peeves:
- Psychology
- Authority
- Leather pants
One day this character simply appeared out of
the blue claiming to be Harvey's evil twin. He's
not, of coarse. He's just nuts. He's also not as
smart as high vocabulary would suggest. The
evil plots he concocts are sound enough, just
never fully thought out. There is always one
little detail that seems obvious to everyone
else, yet manages to illude him. He wants to be
Harvey's arch enemy for reasons even he
doesn't seem to understand. He's just not good
at it.
Clay Aiken
* Citizen Kane
* Casablanca
* Fantasia '40
* Philadelphia
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