Name: Bridget Rednah
Age: 22
Height: 6' 5"
- Weight lifting
- Skateboards
- Food
Pet Peeves:
- Bad spelling/grammar
- Fad diets
- Slugs and other slimey things
Underneath the near biker chick looks, lies one
of the nicest, friendliest (although socially
awkward) people you'll ever meet. Underneath
that lies the one of the sickest minds you'll ever
find. Her greatest love is anything with great
amounts of blood in it. Much of her spare time
is spent either with her weight set or writing
bizarre fan fictions. She can think of over
twenty different ways to kill you, but would
never actually act on any of them.
Alice Cooper
Black Sabath
System of a Down
* Texas Chainsaw Massacre '74
* Shawn of the Dead
* Freddy vs Jason
* Evil Dead
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