Name: Nate Blood
Age: 36
Height: 1' 11"
- Drinking
- Wrestling
- Skeet shooting
Pet Peeves:
- Anarchists
- Disrespect
- Pretty much everything else
Her job is her life. The most important thing is
to bring justice to the guilty (or sometimes just
really annoying). Her temper is easily her
worst aspect. It doesn't take much to send her
into a violent fit of rage. Saying 'the C word'
('CUTE' you pervert) around her is especially
hazardous. She is a person of authority and
deserves to be treated as such. At least that's
what she believes.
Ella Fitzgerald
Janis Joplin
Muddy Waters
Tom Petty
* Dirty Harry
* Oceans Eleven '60
* Bowling for Columbine
* From Russia with Love
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