Name: Mo Budd
Age: 29
Height: 6'
- Auto Repair
- Swimming
- Camping
Pet Peeves:
- Um…
- I'm thinking.
- I guess nothing brings him down.
Loyalty, morality and intelligence are the three
most important aspects of any good officer. Mo
Budd has two out of three. He's not completely
stupid. His photographic memory is highly
impressive. He memorized the entire LAPD
handbook and knows more about the rule and
conduct more then anyone. It's only his left
brain that can't seem to work properly.
Common sense and powers of observation just
don't come naturally to him. Still, he is the
most honest and dedicated officer you will ever
Jefferson Airplane
Lynard Skynard
ZZ Top
* The Jerk
* The Naked Gun
* Cannonball Run
* Blue Collar Comedy Tour
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