Name: Crazy Mad
Age: 23
Height: 2' 3"
- Martial arts
- Anime and manga
- Role playing games
Pet Peeves:
- Bare feet
- Long waits
- Segway machines (Don't ask)
Crazy makes up the cheery, silly part of the
duo. He can be a bit manic in the way he sits
quietly at one moment and starts running
around the next. His years of martial arts
training come in handy for creating various
forms of mayhem. It also makes him more
likely to perform more dangerous acts of…
generally anything. He speaks in a cat like
language that only a select few can understand.
By 'understand', I mean 'are able to translate'.
No one can 'comprehend' what goes on in the
little guys head.
Flogging Molly
Reel Big Fish
* LOTR Return of the King
* The Labyrinth
* Howl's Moving Castle
* House of Flying Daggers
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